Taking Spanish

2 weeks ago, I started taking a 5 unit Spanish class at the local junior college.  The students are between 16 and 19, and then there’s me.  The profesora is is great and the class is fun.  My only problem is that I got 88 on my first exam.  Talk about test anxiety.  I was so nervous so….I’m gonna study harder – got to an A!

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No One Tells You

Ya know, no one teaches you how to deal with family illness and the heartache and drama that accompanies it. One day you’re 50 and your peer group starts suffering from major life changing illness and oh yeah, they start dying, and did I mention that today I bought a really nice Jansport backpack with wheelies for my youngest daughter to carry her law books in?  It’s chocolate brown with room for a laptop.  I scored a great buy.

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Surprised Myself Today

Today I surprised myself and joined The Red Hat Society.  Membership is open to women age 50+ who wear the color purple proudly as women that still see all the possibilities that life still holds for them. Some chapters extend membership to women age 35-49, but they’re only allowed to wear the color pink and not royal purple. My new name, which my granddaughter helped me choose, is Lady Hannah.  I can’t wait to wear my red hat that I ordered today and is pictured above.  Soon I’ll be attending teas, lunches, parties, and taking vacations with my Red Hat sisters. Gotta go now, I still haven’t found the perfect hair ornaments for my granddaughter.  http://www.redhatsociety.com

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 It took me about 2 weeks, but I finally tracked down several pairs of danish socks. My granddaughter likes to color coordinate all of her outfits: blouses,shorts, socks. My eldest brother is in the hospital and will need long term care, perhaps for the rest of his life. Tomorrow I think I’ll start searching for unique hair ornaments. Out with baubles and bows, in with – well let’s see what I can find. hannagirl50

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Hello world!

I’m hannagirl.  At 50+ my life is filled with endless purchases of chic and not so chic, but always trendy children’s wear for my 8 year old granddaughter. As such I view my self as a hannagirl.  I also teach 3rd grade in a small industrial suburban town where I spread my hannagirl culture and perspective in hopes of assuring that all girls have the right to live the hannagirl life.

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